Wheel balancer iPRO BM7

Functional features

Automatic identification of wheel rim inner surface by the 3D scanner or electronic measuring ruler

High speed

Accuracy of wheel parameters measurement

All the parameters detected by 3D scanner or ruler are displayed on the screen

Laser 3D scanner allowing fully automatic wheel parameters measurement

Sensors and automation

In wheel balancing equipment iPRO we use technical solutions that allow us to computerize and ease the usage of the equipment and make the customer service faster.

Wheel width measurement by the ultrasonic sensor

Electromechanical brake for precise fixation of the wheel in the point of corrective weight installation

Function of wheel additional turn to the point of corrective weight installation

Precise indication of the corrective weight installation place effected by linear laser pointer

Weight can be installed by the ruler

Features of iPRO BM7 wheel balancer

Laser 3D scanner designed for wheel balancers and allowing precise scanning of the complex profiled rim inner surface and automatic identification of optimal weight installation place.

The main working surface contains more than 30 cross-functional cells for storage of balancing weights, and other tools.

Cassette bracket.

Ways how to start balancing

Automatic – by the closing of the hood.

By the press of the button START on the keyboard


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