TechnoVector 8 VELOX

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Computer cabinet
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TechnoVector 8 VELOX

Contactless wheel alignment test-lines.

Designed for contactless test-lines to allow fast drive-through control of basic wheel alignment parameters of the vehicle. This allows the technician to make a decision if an adjustment is needed

One stop required (both axles are measured simultaneously)

Contactless measurement

Installation of wheel adapters or any other equipment on wheels is not required

Measurement of the car takes a few seconds

Additional space in front of the vehicle (to measure the rear axle) is not required

Utilizes the MOTOR Driven™ database

The software utilizes the latest version of the complete US local market vehicle MOTOR Driven™ database;

The choice of a vehicle model by its VIN eliminates operator error when choosing a specification;

New illustrated OEM instructions for adjustment procedures;

A new VIN bar-code reader time-saver option is available.

Delivery set (base configuration)

TechnoVector Velox accessories (base configuration)

Measuring posts 4
Computer cabinet (as a unit) 1
Electronic unit 1
Monitor 1
Remote control receiver 1
Remote control 1
Manual 1
Color ink-jet printer 1
Computer cabinet:
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