TechnoVector 8 mod. 8218

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Computer cabinet
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TechnoVector 8 mod. 8218

TechnoVector 8 operates with controlled projection systems that provide dynamic structural backlighting of wheels. Measurement units project a dynamic pattern onto each wheel. High-precision industrial cameras coupled with the projection systems form an Active Stereo Vision system, that provides a 3D image. This image is then processed by the computer to identify a precise position of the wheel.

Contactless wheel aligner for the lift

18 Widescope High-Resolution cameras

8 Smartlight projection system

Measurement and adjustment

Complete measurement in a few seconds

Machine vision systems

Measuring in a matter of seconds;

Precision industrial cameras;

Structured light projection system;

3D scanning of each wheel in real-time;

Posts of the machine vision systems

Posts are equipped with the machine vision systems and projection system;

Robust design;

Posts can be adapted for individual features of your workplace;

Rotating mechanism allows measuring cars with different length without moving the posts sideways.

Utilizes the MOTOR Driven™ database

The software utilizes the latest version of the complete US local market vehicle MOTOR Driven™ database;

The choice of a vehicle model by its VIN eliminates operator error when choosing a specification;

New illustrated OEM instructions for adjustment procedures;

A new VIN bar-code reader time-saver option is available.

Delivery set (base configuration)

TechnoVector 8 mod. 8218 accessories (base configuration)

Measuring posts 4
Computer cabinet (as a unit) 1
Electronic unit 1
Monitor 1
Steering wheel holder 1
Brake lock 1
Remote control receiver 1
Remote control 1
Turnplate 2
Manual 1
Color ink-jet printer 1
Computer cabinet:
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