TechnoVector 7 mod. 7204 Truck&Bus Mobile

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TechnoVector 7 mod. 7204 Truck&Bus Mobile

TechnoVector Wheel Aligners
with 3D for Trucks

TechnoVector 7 3D wheel aligners for trucks are designed to measure and adjust truck wheels. The aligner can be used in automotive companies, car service stations, automotive manufacturing plants, and diagnostic centers.

It measures heavy-duty vehicles with the wheelbase of up to 16 meters. (630 inches).

TechnoVector Truck&Bus aligners can also measure standard sized cars (wheelbase should be more than 2m (80 inches)).

TechnoVector 3D wheel alignment systems include the following primary components
Сomputer cabinet:

ergonomic control panel;

color inkjet printer;

full-size keyboard;


remote controller + receiver;

21.5" color widescreen LCD monitor;

TechnoVector 3D software.

Self-centering clamping arms:

Self-centering clamping arms for rims up to 28".


Targets are covered with reflective layer. No electronic elements;

High-precision image targets. Surface is covered with a protective oil-and-petrol resistant layer;

Durable impact-resistant housing.

Machine vision systems:

Machine vision systems housings are made as vertical pillars equipped with precision network camera units based on high-quality matrices;

Data transfer from the camera units to the PC goes through TCP/IP protocols;

Separate posts give an opportunity to take the individual features of your workplace into account. Drive-through alignment and reverse drive-in are also supported.

The wheel aligner’s software processes images received from cameras and recognizes targets in the field of view. All parameters that can be measured with the wheel aligner are calculated using the target positions. 3D technologies provide convenience, high-speed operation and accuracy of measurements.

Special probe target:

Special probe target allows quick and accurate measurements of truck frame position in order to identify the vehicle centre line.

TechnoVector 3D software:

Supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10;

The 3D model of the car chassis allows you to see the wheel alignment angles on the screen in real-time;

User-friendly interface and advanced Assistance and Support System helps to quickly learn how to use the wheel aligner and start to work even for beginner users.

In our software we use the newest and most efficient math algorithms that allow to minimize even the smallest image distortions made by the optical system.

Delivery set (base configuration)

TechnoVector 7 accessories (base configuration)

Machine vision system 1
Computer cabinet (as a unit) 1
Electronic unit 1
Monitor 1
Tablet 10" for aligner remote control 1
Target 8
Self-centering clamping arms 8
Steering wheel holder 1
Brake lock 1
Turnplate 2
Remote control receiver 1
Remote control 1
Manual 1
Color ink-jet printer 1
Special probe target 1
Computer cabinet:
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